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AI Content generation

Avoid Writer’s block

Get the ideas you need on your topic, and let AI do the heavy lifting to write complete paragraphs on them.

You‘ll be amazed at how much easier your writing will become!

Always there for you

Fully integrated with Gutenberg editor.

Always available at your finger tips.

Select text, choose how GPT-3 can help you from the AI dropdown menu  its that simple!

Direct Integration with OpenAI

No third party in between. No monthly subscription fees.

Add your OpenAI key, and start generating content right-away. (you will still pay OpenAI’s api usage fees)

Always there for you

Fully configurable and adjustable.

Pick the right GPT-3 model for the job, adjust the length of generated content and how it should be highlighted for your in the editor.

Multilingual support.





And many more...
Fully Packed

Take your writing to the next level.


Quickly and easily generate summaries of any text, making information digestible and easy to understand.

Write complete paragraphs

Write complete paragraphs on any topic you can imagine!


Quickly and easily edit text without spending hours doing it yourself!

Change text tone

Rewrite your text in a sarcastic way to make it interesting to your audience.

Generate catchy subtitles

Get ideas on the best titles that fit your text.

Generate compelling ad copy

Turn any dull piece of text into an interesting ad copy that you can use in your ad campaigns & articles.

Find matching quotes

Generate marching quotes that help you get your message across much easier.

Explain like I'm 5 year old

Simplify complex concepts to your audience with a click of a button.

Generate image prompts

Leverage the creativity of GPT-3 to generate image prompts that you can use in text-to-image models to generate images for your article.

And many more...


AIKit is a Wordpress plugin that integrates your Wordpress website with OpenAI‘s GPT3. It allows you to generate text content in many languages that‘s impossible to differentiate from humanwritten content.

Once you install the plugin you will need to enter your OpenAI’s API key to be used by the plugin to generate text content. 

Yes. The plugin integrates seamlessly with the default WordPress editor (Gutenberg). 

 AIKit plugin doesn’t conflict with Elementor, however it will only work on pages/posts that are being edited with Gutenberg.

The AIKit plugin has been tested on WordPress versions starting from v5.8 up until v6.x

It can work with older versions of WordPress, however it was not tested.

AIKit is available as a 1-time purchase plugin. You will not pay any monthly subscription fees. 

You will just need to pay your consumption fees for using OpenAI’s GPT-3 API.

This will save you lots of money as your website will be directly integrated with OpenAI.

What are you waiting for?

Leverage AI content creation & save your time

Integrate your WordPress website directly with GPT-3, the best & biggest AI model on the planet.